Running Successful ICO campaign in Japan


Go to Free website English to Japanese proof reading

Free website English to Japanese proof reading

If you already have Japanese ICO websites, we proof read and give accurate Japanese translations suggestions for free. Your site is the face of your ICOs’ campaign, and we can check if it looks great in Japanese too.

Go to Whitepaper English to Japanese translation

Whitepaper English to Japanese translation

With our specialties in cryptocurrency, we provide 100% human operated translation of your whitepaper to Japanese. We all know that Google translation is not perfect especially on new topics like cryptocurrency.

Go to Social media marketing & promotion in Japanese

Social media marketing & promotion in Japanese

Each country has own democratic composition in using the social media. Do you know that not many people use LinkedIn in Japan, and older prefer using Facebook while younger use Twitter, and how to uses these? We run your social media promotion campaigns all in Japanese to the right place with the right manners for you.

We accept ETH and other cryptocurrencies for our service fee!!

Why Japan?

  • Data shows that Japanese Yen accounts for almost half (44%) of the Bitcoin trading volume, and is the world largest cryptocurrency traded country, followed by USD and Chinese as of September 2017. We see that Japan is the key market and the great opportunities for the cryptocurrency expansion and ICOs' founders.

  • Yet one of the reasons which not many non-Japanese ICOs had been accepted in the Japanese market, is our trust-oriented culture and language barrier. Today only a few English educated Japanese investors have access to foreign ICOs' business and whitepaper, while tiny mistakes in Japanese translation might cause huge suspicions in large volumes of Japanese speaking investors. The proper and trustworthy language is critical for successful ICOs in Japan.

  • As native Japanese in Japan with English fluency, We all are the specialist in fields of cryptocurrency, sales & marketing, and English-Japanese translation. Together we formed the SamuraiICOs to introduce the accurate and attractive ICOs' information to the increasing needs of Japanese cryptocurrency investors.

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